Company information:

Company principles:

- a good and long-term cooperation is important for us.

- our organization emphasises on friendliness, timeliness and accuracy.

- our partners can rely on us.

Mrs. Marita Huth (Manager)


Business philosophy:

- in our company the focus is on quality, speed and affordability

- our computer and information systems have been greatly improved and will be further expanded.

- our customers are at the center of our daily actions.

 Mr. Marc Huth (Assistant Manager)


Company history:

1987 the company "Huth & Söhne GmbH" was founded (in Starnberg, near Munich, Germany)

          - years of know-how

          - extensive reference list

          - special Company for Fluoroplastics

In 1977 the company "Huth Industrie Technik" was established (in Starnberg, near Munich, Germany)

          - patenting developments

          - motor coatings (then a novelty)

          - active substance manufacturer

In 1947, the first HUTH - established companies and grew later to stately company in the sealing and coating market approach.

- company "Carl Huth & Söhne" (in Bietigheim, near Stuttgart, Germany)

- company "Süddeutsche Packungsfabrik" W.E. Huth (in Percha, near Munich, Germany)

          - DuPont + Hoechst job coaters

          - special stuffing box packings

          - complete program fluoroplastics as supply and arranger