Fluorinated plastic coatings:
  • FEP
  • HALAR ®
  • PFA
  • PTFE
  • PVDF

Typical features of our PTFE plastic coatings:

     - anti-adhesive surface
     - good sliding
     - low friction coefficient
     - highest temperature resistance
     - good release properties


- general mechanics: Bolts, screws, bolts, fans, rotors, Reactors

- food confectionery industry: Rolling, baking pans, plates, mixers, hoppers, screw conveyors

- chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Dosing, conveying inner, mixers, valves, tanks, shelf trays, molds, mixers

- textile industry: Sliding rollers, damper rolls, dye tubs, drying cylinders

- paper industry: Drying cylinders, guide rollers, paint trays

- rubber and plastics industry: Heating sockets, calendar, forms, welding mirror

- packaging machinery: Stamping. Hot plates, under seal, Vorwärmeplatten, knives, molds, guide rails

...and wherever baking, to prevent sticking and low-wetting is necessary, or sliding and release properties are to be improved.


Depending on the application, the required properties and the stress we offer different types of procedures
and material combinations with plasma (Alu-oxide or VA-Mat.), hard chrome or aluminum hard-coated as a primer

Designation A B C D E F
Type x 1010 5875 5838 G 03/12 1235 x 8840
Thermoplastic x x x x x x
Tint (on request) black black brown anthracite metallic green green
layer thickness 50 µm 60 µm 60 µm 30 µm 50µm 50 µm
Food use x x x x x
Technical use x x x x x x
Operating temperature max. 285 °C 250 °C 250 °C 250 °C 240 °C 200 °C
Processing temp. 250 °C 380°C 360 °C 420 °C 400 °C 400 °C
Anti-adhesive good good good excellent very good very good
Abrasion resistance very good excellent very good good good good
Liability very good excellent very good very good very good very good
Corrosion protection good good good moderately good good
Combination with steel x x x x x
Combination with aluminum x x x x x x
Combination with aluminum, hard anodized x x x x
Combination with ceramic plasma coating
Alu-oxide + VA
x x x x x x
Combination with hard chrome x x x x x