Shaft Seals and sealing rings: "HUTH-Rings"

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"HUTH-Rings" are ready-sealing elements for sealing shafts and axles and as wipers to protect bearings. They are especially used at higher temperatures. They consist of a closed stiffening housing made of sheet metal and an inlaid box packing. The wide sealing surface a sticking is prevented on the shaft. The twist is selected opposite direction in the shaft sealing direction. Due to the press-fit of the housing, the seal of the stationary components is achieved. The sealing effect of the polished shaft is made possible with little radial compression by soft nestling the pack. The surface structure of the selected packages prevents looping and dry running of the seal. For this reason also occur at high speeds no seizing marks, which prevents premature wear of the seal and the shaft and makes protective sleeves superfluous. Additional lubrication and cooling is no longer required.

List of standard dimensions of shaft seals:
Dimension (mm)
Inside x Outside x Height
Dimension (mm)
Inside x Outside x Height
Dimension (mm)
Inside x Outside x Height
Dimension (mm)
Inside x Outside x Height
12x22x7 25x37x7 30x42x7 30x47x7
30x47x10 30x52x7 32x42x10 35x47x7
35x50x8 35x55x8 35x62x10 40x52x7
40x55x8 40x60x8 40x60x10 40x60x12
40x62x10 40x64x10 42x62x10 xxx
45x60x8 45x62x10 45x65x10 46x64x10
50x68x12 50x70x10 50x72x10 50x75x10
50x80x12 55x70x8 55x72x10 55x75x10
55x75x12 55x80x10 60x75x8 60x78x8
60x78x10 60x80x10 60x80x12 60x80x13
60x85x10 60x90x12 65x80x8 65x80x10
65x85x10 70x90x8 70x90x10 70x90x12
70x100x13 75x90x10 75x95x10 80x100x10
80x100x13 85x110x13 85x115x10 85x120x12
90x110x10 90x110x13 90x120x12 95x110x10
95x120x13 100x115x9 100x120x10 100x120x13
105x130x10 105x130x13 110x130x13 120x140x13
135x150x10 140x170x12 150x180x15 150x180x15
160x200x15 200x250x13